Esse Sensitive Cleanser

Soothes and calms sensitive skin

This pH-balanced, creamy cleanser has been formulated to minimise irritation to sensitive skin while still removing makeup effectively.

(27 customer reviews)


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100% Natural
70% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
561g Carbon Offset
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27 reviews for Esse Sensitive Cleanser

  1. Ash

    My skin is so sensitive and dry.
    I found it difficult to find a product that would clean my skin, without drying it out and causing dry spots that would flake- not ideal.
    The sensitive cleanser is creamy, gentle and smells so good.
    I’ve been using it for years, and I couldn’t love Esse more than I do.
    I highly recommend this product- in fact the whole range is magnificent.

  2. Lauren

    I love the Sensitive Cleanser. It lasts a long time and it really does remove makeup. My 200ml cleanser lasted me 3 months!

    Great product! Highly recommend it.

  3. Milda Pindak

    I absolutely love this cleanser and the whole Sensitive range. My skin issues have most definitely improved since I started the product. I have not had to use any medication or ointments for my dermatitis since I started using Esse sensitive.

    My acne is much much better and has become a lot less prominent.

    A beautiful, natural product that smells amazing and absolutely worth a try.

    I loved the tester kit because it gave me a good opportunity to make a good judgement on whether the product would work for me.

    The Hyaluronic acid serum is amazing and so is the repair oil!.

    The eye contour cream helped with pigmentation, EVEN DURING PREGNANCY!! Amazing product as well!!!

  4. Monique

    I feel like I have waited my whole life to use an Esse product. We finally moved back to South Africa and within a week I had ordered my Esse products online. I was so excited. But boy was I disappointed. The sensitive cleanser made my face feel oily and when I toned my face with my toner, not Esse, the cotton ball was so dirty. I am so disappointed. I was happy to support local and everyone raved about Esse. Can’t decide if I should try try the gel cleanser or go back to my tried and trusted products!?           

    Response from Esse: Hi Monique, Firstly, thank you for placing an order with us. We are sorry to hear that you were not entirely satisfied with the Sensitive Cleanser. Since our products contain natural and organic ingredients, they are developed to maintain skin health over the long-term, unlike some commercially-available products that may have a short-term solution, but with detrimental long-term effects. The basis of our product range is providing close-to-nature, gentle treatments, reducing the risk of a negative reaction. I believe it is possible that you may have had an unfortunate but rare adverse reaction to the cleanser, or your skin is better matched to another cleanser in our range. Therefore, I will ask one of our professional skincare experts to contact you to discuss an appropriate skincare routine, based on your unique skin type. We would love to keep you as a customer and hope to resolve your concerns. If possible, please send your contact number through to us.

  5. Olga

    The best cream cleanser I’ve ever tried and I tried quite a few. Very gentle and calming yet does a great job at leaving your skin properly clean. I’ve struggled for so many years with skin problems such as breakouts and uneven skin. Esse is the only brand that gave real results which last. Thank you so much for your great products!

  6. Kimmie

    Best cleanser I’ve ever tried. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and this cleanser has really helped calming it down.

  7. Kayla Mousley

    After years of trying and trying and trying to fix my skin – is started Esses vegan skin care range and wow – you can feel the love they put into their products on your skin !
    MUST MUST buy.

  8. Lea

    Such an amazing creamy,’smooth’ cleanser. Makes my skin feel and look less irritated and it helped clear up my skin, I am so grateful!

  9. Kayla

    Definitely a must buy and a must have in your skincare routine ! I want to cry when I think of how amazing my skin looks and feels in comparison to how it was before I started this skin care range.

  10. Ads

    I’ve been using this product for a few days and I love it. It smells divine and feels so nourishing. I’m excited to try other Esse products.

  11. Stephanie

    Love the feeling of this cleanser on my sensitve skin. Smells great, soothes and calms the redness

  12. Thia

    Switched over to the sensitive range after suffering from dehydrated, flakey, rough skin, hormonal breakouts and severe pigmentation and absolutely love this range. It’s worked miracles on my damaged skin.
    The cleanser is so gentle and soothing. It effectively removes dirt and oil build up without leaving my skin feeling dry and itchy. I massage it into my face and rinse with warm water and my skin feels clean and soft. I love the silky texture of the cleanser and the subtle vanilla fragrance.

  13. Ayla

    I have been trying different face products for a while now trying to find something perfect for my skin and I am in love with this cleanser. Perfect balance between cleansing but not being too harsh on the skin. Most products dry my skin out and I have not found this with Esse. I can’t wait to try more of the products.

  14. Jill Mckeith

    The sensitive cleanser hydrates the skin, while gently cleansing and the fragrance is amazing.
    My nephew has been usingnthe sensitive range for his acne. He is 17. His confidance has been restored and his acne has calmed down so much.
    Highly recommend for teenagers with acne.

  15. Karin

    This perfect cleanser calms my irritated skin, redness and overall sensitive skin with one cleanse. Love that it cleanse but don’t irritate my skin further.

  16. jenine

    This is the most beautifully soft cleanser you will ever use. It gently removes dirt without irritating my skin. The smell alone makes me want to wash my face!

  17. Megan Fosse

    I love using the sensitive cleanser morning and night! I love that it’s not harsh on my skin and effectively removes makeup. I use it together with the refining cleanser (twice a week) and it has significantly helped with my sensitivity and pigmentation. Just loving it!

  18. Kerry Venter

    Almost seems a waste to wash this cleanser off because of the live probiotics it contains! I try to leave it on as long as possible while in the shower! Beautifully soft and soothing.

  19. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    This for me has been a wonderful cleanser. It gives my skin really good nourishment while it cleanses it. My skin feels lovely and calm. A fantastic cleanser choice!

  20. Cordnee Lee Moonsamy

    Simply love the sensitive cleanser for the subtle vanilla fragrance and the soft delicate smoothness as it cleanses your skin.

  21. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    The Senative cleanser is amazing it really soothes your skin and I find it has really improved my skin alot and cleared it up. It’s amazing to use as a makeup remover aswel to give that fresh feeling before you sleep.

  22. Anneke Lange

    Used the sensitive line during pregnancy as it was the only smell I could stomach at this time, and also i knew my skin would undergo allot of hormonal changes so I stuck with the sensitive line to keep my skin in check and it did very well.

    Instant smoothness felt after each use. And a nourished comfortable feeling on the skin.

    Loved the subtle vanilla smell.

  23. Suewen

    After using this fabulous cleanser my skin feels more smooth. Make up gets washed away and my skin is calm is hydrated!

  24. Melissa Johnson

    Light and soothing cleanse on aggravated skins suffering from nasty breakouts, sensitivity, dryness, eczema etc. Sticks to its word of being non-irritating yet hydrating. Great cleanser to use when introducing clients to Esse, especially if they have only used chemical brands before.

  25. Merrilyn

    This cleanser is now my favourite cleanser in the entire Esse offering.
    Makes my skin feel silky soft and hydrated… Lets not get me started with the stunning fragrance of the product!

  26. Cayleigh

    used to use the cream cleanser but wast completely sold on the smell and i do have sensitive skin.. so happy with this product. it smells great, my skin feels the best it has ever been. no more tight dry skin. Esse is fantastic.

  27. Zelda

    I’ve been using this cleanser for a week. It does everything it says, cleanses without irritating sensitive skin. I suffer from eczema around my eye and this is one of the first sensitive cleansers that has not aggravated the rash. The aroma is a bonus – so soft, feels like you’re wrapping your face in clouds.

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